'Does experiencing art make you a better doctor?'
La linea della Bellezza
'Does experiencing art make you a better doctor?'

Exhibition La linea della bellezza

at Universiteitssingel 50, outside the lecture hall, level 0 , from March until September

This exhibition gives an impression of art in medical education.

Since 2017 an elective titled ’ Does experiencing art make you a better doctor?' is given about art and medicine within the Bachelor of Medicine program of FHML. This title entails a question because with this experiment we hope to answer this question together with the students.

The goal this year is to see how art can get a meaningful place in medical education and how these different disciplines can collaborate.

The exhibition shows a story told by images about how the students experienced this extraordinary elective.. Romy Finke, art photographer, shot the pictures. They are accompanied by statements from students and notes recorderd by Mieke Derickx, curator of the art and heritage committee, who supported by FHML got change to design this elective.

What else is there to see: beautiful drawings of the students, which have been produced during the anatomical and holistic drawing classes. Also part of this exhibition are the drawings that were made during the activity Microscopy 'drawing in practice'. The drawings are wonderful examples of ‘thinking while drawing’. Finally, on a four-meter long 'alternative evaluation form' one can read how and to what extend  the students valued this  form of education in which art and medicine are combined in a very interactive way.

​Mieke Derickx

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