Kintsugi, a new work of art by Sanne Vaassen at the Minderbroedersberg

Maastricht University has a (tiny) work of art made by Sanne Vaassen, which is part of an art concept that is purchased by Bonnefanten museum

Marjolein van der Loo (docent Hogeschool Zuyd) explains: 'The pottery fragments in the work Kintsugi are collected during walks in Maastricht. Many of these pieces are manufactured by Maastricht potteries as Regout, Sphinx, Bosch and Mosa that started the industrialization and contributed to the growth of the city around 1835.
Sanne associates these trouvailles to Japanese Kintsugi artwork in which damaged earthenware is honorably restored with lacquer and gold. This is related to the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy in which the beauty of imperfection is appreciated.
Sanne uses the fragments with their own local and personal history in order to perform new repairs. Floors, walls, corners and all kinds of constructions could lack a segment that can be repaired by a piece of pottery.'

One of the pottery fragments is placed in the courtyard of the Minderbroedersberg.

In this way, this location has become part of the concept Kintsugi that is purchased by the Bonnefanten museum. Each time  the artist places a fragment, a framed picture will be send to the Museum, hence an archive is growing. Find out more

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