Art and Science Exhibition ' LIQUIDARIUM MECONII' of Stefan Cools at the ODApark

At ithe  ODAPARK VENRAY center for contemporary art

11 March to 3 June 2018

Opening of the exhibition on Sunday, March 11.

Stefan Cools is an artist who has been involved in a research of butterflies since 2014.

For the project’s scientific development, he recently teamed up with Maastricht University, who are making scientific studies on the transformation process of butterflies using Stefan Cools’ artistic perspective as their starting point. For the public part of the project, he is working with cultural institutions, schools, and festivals, on educational projects, tours, and lectures that focus on providing insight into the life of the butterfly

What is shown at Odapark during the exhibition of Stefan Cools?

Various research conducted during research year from the Mondriaan Fund

> Two studies with Maastricht University: on the meconium of the Caligo Memnon and on pigments in coal.

> Field research in Australia, on native butterflies, host plants and especially their meconium.

> Photos and videos of (fieldwork in) the jungle in an art installation.> An inventory of miners in work with title 'Choreography of the mineer mot'

> Research on lichens and the micro butterflies that live on them

> Walk & tea ceremony with the aim to let visitors transpose into the skin of the caterpillar

> In the park a butterfly garden will be created for the education of Kuns


Herewith you are warmly invited to the opening of the exhibition Liquidarium Meconii of Stefan Cools on 11 March at Odapark Venray.

In addition to the opening, there will also be a lecture and a special lunch that afternoon. See below for further explanation of the program.


12:00 Lecture by Cees de Boer

Cees de Boer is fascinated by the relationship between art and nature from both scientific and philosophical perspectives. He has worked with, among others, herman de vries during the Venice Biennial. Cees followed Stefan during his research with Maastricht University and will discuss this further during the lecture.

13:00 Lunch

The exhibition of Stefan was the inspiration for this one-time lunch, composed by Mathijs Jacobs from restaurant De Beejekurf and Jenny van der Heijden from Odapark.

Lunch includes:

> Soup: fresh fennel soup with crème fraiche and ham or soup of young carrots, cumin and mustard.

> Luxury sandwiches: home-cooked salmon salad, cucumber and mint or with nettle cheese, fennel and heather honey or with dried ham salad, tomato and sorrel.

> Tea from host plants.

Limited places are available for lunch and reading, please register via o.v.v. Lunch & Lecture 11 March. The costs are 25 euros per person.

14:00 preview exhibition

From 2 pm the exhibition is open to the public. During that time, tests will take place in the Kunstlab of Odapark by students from Maastricht University. The scientific and natural element in Cools' work becomes visible on the spot.

15:00 Opening Exposition

The exhibition will be officially opened by Cees de Boer at 3 pm.

17:00 finish

The preview and opening of the exhibition are freely accessible and registration is not necessary

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