a special work of art for the university library

The university library has  a new work of art since September. In collaboration  with the art and heritage committee(KEC). the art group of the university library  started the project to realized especially for the mezzanine in the library at Grote Looierstraat 17.

'find out where you stand' is a five-meter long light artwork by the Amsterdam resident artist Kathrin Schlegel, who enters into a relationship with the Special Collections of Maastricht University.

find out where you stand is a five meters long light artwork by Amsterdam-based artist Kathrin Schlegel, engaging with the Special Collections of Maastricht University. 


The tenth edition of the Mercator-Hondius atlas, a renaissance atlas dating from 1628, is a remarkable artifact within these collections.

Mapmaking can be seen as an attempt to form an understanding and an image of the world around us and our place within it – an imprint that has literally and figuratively been coloured by the worldview of its makers. A map is never an exact nor complete representation of reality. A map is a subjective interpretation of the cartographer, depending on the purpose of the map as well as the time and society in which it has been created. Questioning how a worldview comes about formed the basis for the light artwork. The work of art is embedded in the mezzanine of the University Library’s reading room, located at the Looierstraat. It invites to think through one's positions, not only in geographical but as much in socio-political dimensions, when studying and opening up perspectives on the world. 

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a special work of art for the university library
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